Electrostatic Dissipative

Electrostatic Dissipative Foam is a grade of foam that prevents or inhibits the build up of static electricity, primarily used for the protection and packaging of sensitive electronic components and products. This offers a lower range of electrical resistance than static dissipative and conductive foams. Crosslink polyethylene conductive and permanently static dissipative foam. Non-contaminating, non-corrosive, and non-sloughing.


  • Inert and lightweight
  • Tough, flexible and resilient
  • Highly energy absorbent
  • Easily fabricated using well known techniques
  • Easy to thermoform using standard vacuum forming or heat inpression molding techniques have a very wide operating temperature range
  • Exhibit excellent chemical and water resistance
  • Do not cause staining of paint finishes
  • Do not corrode metal parts
  • Exhibit good U.V. stability


Custom Fabrication

Clark Foam Products makes it our business to develop and produce exceptional flexible foam products to meet the exact requirements for each and every customer. We have the expertise, experience, and technology to satisfy your most challenging foam component, packaging and product challenges.

Design Services

Clark Foam Products will combine cutting-edge engineering and foam conversion processes with a dedication to quality and complete customer satisfaction. We will work with you to design your custom component, packaging or product, select the proper materials and have your solution manufactured and shipped.

Image to DXF

Clark Foam’s patented .dxf imaging is portable imaging technology allows for on-site rapid imaging of tools and components. In a simple three-step process, our Portable Imaging Technology will create and catalog as many as three files a minute, creating a completed spec of tools or components, this is achieved by converting jpeg images into .dfx files.

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