Custom Fabrication

Clark Foam Products makes it our business to develop and produce exceptional flexible foam products to meet the exact requirements for each and every customer. We have the expertise, experience, and technology to satisfy your most challenging foam component, packaging and product challenges.

Most foam materials can be cut and/or shaped to serve a variety of needs. In addition, they can also be formed or bonded with other materials to create performance composites for specific applications, through various cutting technologies and bonding methods. We are proud to serve a variety of government agencies and commercial industries including: the Medical Industry, Aerospace Industry, Automotive Industry, Military Industry, Packaging Industry and numerous others commercial markets.

Clark Foam Products has extensive fabrication and manufacturing capabilities including:


Convoluting is a process that uses a special set of tools and rollers to produce an “egg crate” texture across foam components and packaging. The finished pattern provides extra cushioning and can be useful when packaging delicate items. When working with specialty materials, the convoluting manufacturing process is useful for creating sound management components and products.


Die cutting is the stamping out of parts and custom shapes using various types of tooling and high tonnage presses to ensure dimensional accuracy. Clark Foam Products has extensive die cutting capabilities across our manufacturing facilities. By using the speed of die cutting Clark Foam Products can create a wide range of precise high volume components.

Heat Sealing

Heat sealing is when two or more layers of materials are joined by sealing them with heat under pressure. Clarkfoam Products has the manufacturing capabilities to heat seal materials. We have created unique components and packaging solutions utilizing heat sealing.


Clark Foam Products has extensive experience in manufacturing custom solutions via lamination. Laminating is most often used as a fabrication method when there is a need to create a composite material, which is the combination of multiple materials (such as foam-to-fabric and foam-to-foam). Our lamination capabilities coupled with our access to a myriad of foams, fabrics and other specialty materials provide our customers a go-to solutions provider who can solve their unique component and packaging challenges. We offer diverse lamination capabilities including Pressure sensitive adhesive, heat and hot melt adhesives. Heat Laminating is utilized primarily when combining a foam to another material. The heat melts the surface of the foam, turning it into a tacky substance that essentially acts as an adhesive. That surface is then combined with another material, and the two goods are then bonded together under pressure. Adhesive Laminating, whether using PSA or hot melt adhesive, is an execllent way to make composite materials, and it remains an efficient and economical alternative for many applications. We have the ability to laminate a number of diverse adhesives such as heat activated, pressure sensitive, moisture activated and acrylic.

CNC Profile Cutting

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) profile saws use a flexible, dustless blade allowing for complex shapes to be fabricated. Clark Foam Products will work with you to design and fabricate your custom component, packaging or product.

Vertical & Horizontal Cutting

Vertical saws are used to block out the large buns of foam and other materials into smaller more manageable sizes. They can also be used to cut simple parts to finished size. Horizontal saws are used to slice or skive both open and closed cell foams to a required thickness. Clark Foam Products has a number of vertical & horizontal saws throughout our manufacturing facilities.

Water-Jet Cutting

(CNC) water jet cutting uses high-velocity water jets to cut, shapes in materials. Water jet cutting provides precise cuts and tight corners with no particulate matter. Since the water jets are CNC, there is no tooling cost associated with your production run.

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